Access Counselling

One to One Counselling:

  • A process where clients are empowered and supported in exploring any issues that may feel important to them. They may be having difficulties, feeling distressed, trying to overcome trauma or loss or could just feel a sense of dissatisfaction with their life’s direction or purpose.
  • “A way of facilitating choice, change or reducing confusion. “I don’t know which way to turn….What to do ….What’s the matter with me?” are frequent opening remarks” (British Association for Counselling, information).
  • Set in a climate of privacy and confidentiality where a client can feel safe to talk things over with a counsellor. This can help the client to make sense of their feelings.
  • “a process which assists a client to focus on his or her particular concerns and developmental issues, while simultaneously addressing and exploring specific problems, making choices, coping with crisis, working through feelings of inner conflict and improving relationships with others”.
  • A process which “enables children and young people to gain a better understanding of themselves and the situations facing them; to develop strategies to cope with change” (BACP Counselling in schools).